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Welcome to the 2nd “logbook” (the first was released in french in July 2017). I am accompanied today by Vincent Terrasi, you maybe seen him at OVH Summit conferences, SEO Campus Paris and Que Du Web where we shared talks. We recently decided write an SEO book together that will be released in 2018.

Today is a special day. We will not tell you that we are celebrating Steve Buscemi’s birthday, a great American actor especially noticed for his performance in Fargo movie. No, you already know that.

Today is a special day. Very special, and we will tell you why. After several months of reflection, we are pleased to announce that we are formalizing the creation of a training dedicated to Data SEO (Data Science + SEO).

21/12/2017 update: Data SEO Labs website is online

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Why a training? Who is it talking to? When will it take place? Where? What is the program?

Answers below:

If you follow us for a few months, you have not been able to miss an important evolution in our profession. In recent years, Google has included artificial intelligence in its operation. You’ve probably heard about Rankbrain, the tip of the iceberg. With these developments, Google has become more powerful and the operation of its algorithms more and more opaque: between us, we are talking about a black box.

Many SEO experts agree: SEO is perhaps currently experiencing its greatest revolution and we must adapt. We invite you to reread the AI cycles written with Gregory Florin, Julien Deneuville, Aurélien Berrut, Kévin Richard, Raphaël Doucet, David Carles, Christian Meline, Anthony Técher, Yann Sauvageon, Aysun Akarsu, Vincent Terrasi, Sylvain Peyronnet and Olivier Andrieu (Posts are in french for now but will be transleted in next weeks)

With Vincent, we are convinced that the SEO reinvention will go through an update of what we know and take for granted: the “Next Level” SEO.

During the last 12 months, we have studied Google in depth (SERP, Google Bot, ranking factors, etc.) and our reverse engineering has led us to make incredible discoveries, including ranking factors and Google Bots’s behaviors.

As strong open source philosophy advocates, we shared most of it with you on Twitter (@RemiBacha and @VincentTerrasi) and at the various conferences we had the chance to give this year: OVH Summit, Que Du Web, SEO Campus.

Our last conference at 2017 OVH Summit was also thought as a review of our latest discoveries and showed what we imagined for the future.

A famous Chinese proverb says “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. By showing our discoveries in our last lectures, we gave fish. Many of you have asked us for details, to know our methods, our tools, our operations and today, we want to make a breakthrough in sharing.

Today is a special day.

Data SEO Training

Thanks to the use of data science, APIs, big data, machine learning and programming, we have revolutionized the way we do SEO and this is what we will offer today our training.

Our goal is not to make you a data scientist or a developer. We want to give you a data science culture, reflexes and best practices so that you take new habits, and gradually learn how to eliminate the empiricism of your strategies to move towards “data-driven” SEO (strategy directed by the data and not the assumptions).

Data SEO training will be mostly practical. You will manipulate data and learn with practical works and real business cases to create your first R scripts, to use an API or to make prediction through machine learning.

Our challenge is to open this training to everyone, whatever your technical level: web analysts, project managers, product managers, SEO professionals. To allow you to progress quickly, the Data SEO training will take place in a very small group with a maximum of 10 persons.

The training will last 2 days. It will take place in Paris and will have a session in French and a session in English.

21/12/2017 update: Data SEO Labs website is online

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