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Since 2020, I am the co-creator of LABS ON MARS. The data science agency specialized in digital marketing and e-commerce, in which I support companies in their data and AI projects, through data science coaching and development of custom AI solutions.

I am also the creator of the DATA SCIENCE SEO training, often referred to by our clients as “advanced way to do SEO using machine learning“, this training provides tools to automate your SEO actions and predict their chances of success.

I also created the podcast Le Cycle des IA (in French) in which I share my discoveries, as well as the DATA SEO Slack which gathers several hundred members, and this blog where I publish tutorials and thoughts about the evolution of web jobs.

How did I get to Data Science?

I created my first digital marketing company in 2011 while I was a student. The following year, I joined OVH Cloud, the European leader in cloud computing, as an SEO specialist. I had the chance to build “from scratch” the online acquisition team (Europe / US / Canada), composed of SEO, SEA and web analytics experts and I became the manager of the team until 2017.

With the emergence of artificial intelligence in search engines, I decided to follow a Data Science course for 2 years. I developed new skills in machine learning and programming, which allowed me to join the OVH data science team. I mainly worked on “data science + digital marketing” projects, the opportunity for me to combine my passions and to publish 3 software patents.

I regularly share my discoveries as a speaker at events:

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Rémi Bacha

Passionate about SEO and Data Science. Founder of LABS ON MARS agency and co-founder of DATA SCIENCE SEO trainings.