Our New “Data Science SEO” Training


2021 EDIT : MY “DATA SCIENCE SEO” TRAININGS ARE NOW ON LABS ON MARS. After several months of reflection, Vincent and I are pleased to announce that we are officially creating DATA SEO LABS, a training course dedicated to Data SEO (Data Science + SEO). Why this training? Who is it intended for? When does it take place? Where? What’s the program? Answers below. If you have been...

How I transformed my SEO job in Google Rankbrain era: (video)


“How is OVH evolving towards SEO Data Science”? This is the question that Vincent and I answered during our talk at the OVH Summit on October 17, 2017, in Paris. You will find the replay below as well as an article gathering unpublished elements on Data Science in SEO. Big Bang isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind. On one side there is the Big...

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