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Our New “Data Science SEO” Training


Hello, Welcome to the 2nd “logbook” (the first was released in french in July 2017). I am accompanied today by Vincent Terrasi, you maybe seen him at OVH Summit conferences, SEO Campus Paris and Que Du Web where we shared talks. We recently decided write an SEO book together that will be released in 2018. Today is a special day. We will not tell you that we are celebrating Steve...

How I transformed my SEO job in Google Rankbrain era: (video)


“How is OVH evolving towards SEO Data Science”? This is the question that Vincent Terrasi and I answered during our talk at the OVH Summit on October 17, 2017, in Paris. You will find the replay below as well as an article gathering unpublished elements on Data Science in SEO. Big Bang isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind. On one side there is...

Server Log analysis for SEO (Advanced guide)


There are many ways to run a server log analysis but each analyse requires a long data preparation step: logs recovery, grouping them, split data in several columns, cleaning, etc. These treatments can seems really hard, especially if there are done manually… In this technical guide, I will show you how to do all these steps quickly and exploit the logs of an OVH web hosting with Dataiku, a...

How to speed up Serposcope by adding IP


I have recently written a guide on french website data-seo.fr, where I explain how to create a Public Cloud instance from scratch and to deploy open source Keyword Tracking tool Serposcope. If you have followed it, you are now able to monitor your website’s rankings on Google, on an unlimited way for less than $3.5/month, clap clap clap ! Here I will explain you an advanced use of...

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